About Me

Many years ago, I realized that I had a passion for the world of the web. I fell in love with the net as soon as I began to use it. Today, the net remains just as much home as it has ever been. I have been fortune enough to have the opportunity to make the web my life. My parents taught me that I needed to develop a career in order to support myself. My goal was to find a career I could love. I grew up with the net. As a native of Dundee, I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a community that has seen enormous technical growth. My fellow Scots have embraced the modern world just as they embraced the technological world of the trains and railroads many years ago. We Scots are devoted to making the world a better place using our technological innovative talents. As a web developer, my work has focused on developing many sites. My personal site is called SlotPrince. We attract many people who love to play games from all over the world. Thanks to my work here. I’ve achieved a certain level of fiscal independence in my life. I am lucky enough to have been to use that as leverage while I pursue my other goals in life. My company is a financial supporter of Dundee United F.C. as as such we want to do all we can to make life easier for players and fun for fans. With the gear we sell, we hope to be able to do just that

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