About the Tangerines

Founded more than a century ago, The Tangerines have continued to be one of the premier football clubs both in the United Kingdom and all over the world. The Scottish city of Dundee has long been noted as one of the best places to play football. Dundee is one of Scotland’s greatest city with a great deal of charm. Residents and tourists alike cherish the city for it’s many scenic views and long history. Today, the city continues to thrive. Residents are justifiably proud of the way the city has continued to expand. This pride is very much in evidence during the last few decades as the city has supported numerous cultural attractions. Dundee United began as a way to help residents express their pride in the city. Those who love football have been able to turn to this club for lots of excitement knowing they will deliver it.

An Amazing History

This club was originally called the terrors, The nickname changed when they started to play in tangerine kits. The uniform has been used by the club since the 1960s. Team members have been playing at the present site ground known as Tannadice Park, since the club was founded in 1909. Club members were founder members of what has since become known as the Scottish Premier League as of 1998 They were part of the league competition until the league was abolished in 2013. In 2016 the club was relegated to the Scottish Championship, a second tier division. Fans know the club won the Scottish Premier Division in 1983. They also know that it won the Scottish Cup twice in the last few decades as well as the Scottish League Cup twice during the early 1980’s. The club appeared in European competition over forty years ago, and then again for an additional fourteen times as well. Fans cheered wehn they reached the semi-finals of the European cup in1984. They also cheered the Tangerines when they were in the UEFA Cup final in 1987. They have continued to do well in many other club events including matches against some of the best teams in the world

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