Tangerine club takes part in an Arabian Nights slot knockout battle

Thank you for stopping by Tangerine-Clubshop again. As you know, I’m a proud supporter of Dundee United F.C. I use the profits from my selling gear with this company to help support players and fans financially. It’s been my pleasure to help fellow fans buy tickets to games or host celebrations for players whenever I can.

In addition to being an avid football fan, I also enjoy gambling for fun at online casinos. I was recently tossing around an idea with some other local business owners about doing a slot competition. It ended up coming to fruition! Keep reading to learn more about our slot knockout battle.

Fun to gamble with others

We agreed that each of our businesses would put £1,000 toward gambling on a slot game. A matched £1,000 would also go automatically toward the Dundee United F.C. Additionally, any winnings earned by any participants during the slot knockout battle would also be added to our fund for the community and the footballers. We all decided that playing Arabian Nights was a good choice. Read on to learn a little about this slot game, and find out how our competition went.

About Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights slot game is from NetEnt. If you’re not familiar with online slot games, then I’ll give you a quick overview of the basics. There are reels with symbols on them. You spin the (virtual) reels and line up symbols in different patterns. If they make a winning pattern, you win money back.

The Arabain Nights game is a colourful and calm game, which is one reason why I enjoy it so much. The theme includes camels, scimitars, fezzes, and lamp. There’s no music, just crickets in the background. During our competition, we were able to play how we wanted (with the goal still being to win money).

One reason why we chose this game is that you can bet anywhere from £10 to £200 per spin. This meant we could all play in a way that suited us. Plus, everyone got a chance at the progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a prize that keeps growing the longer that no one wins it. We wanted a chance to win thousands of pounds – or even millions – to gift to this football team and community.

Did we win the progressive jackpot?

Sadly, we didn’t win millions of pounds during our tournament. However, we did win! There were six participating businesses in total. That meant that £6,000 was automatically put toward Dundee United F.S. Each local business came out even or ahead, with one of my mates winning almost twice as much as he gambled! It was our pleasure to donate the winnings from Arabian Nights to help out players and their fans.

How the winnings will be used

We have some plans for the winnings, of course. The money that we sent straight to the football team isn’t ours to decide what to do with, but we trust that the players will use it wisely among themselves and their families. The money we kept for the community is being used to bring entertainment and fun to fans who can’t always afford luxuries.

We’re helping purchase tickets for kids and families who love football but don’t get to see in-person games. I’m also choosing to outfit some of those biggest fans in Tangerine-Clubhouse jerseys and fan gear. When we all show up to the next game, everyone can be decked out to display their pride in our football team. It was such a great tournament, and I look forward to a repeat next year.

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